Members of the dog family, coyotes are very resourceful creatures. They are extremely adaptable and able to survive in forests, marshes, fields and populated suburbs through North America.


Coyotes are monogamous and will stay together for years.  They start to reproduce in their second year. A female will give birth to litter of 4-6 pups in April. At birth the pups weigh about ½ pound and nurse for about two weeks. Their eyes open at about two weeks of age and they begin to eat regurgitated food brought back to the den by their father. As soon as the pups are old enough, the female returns to hunting. By nine weeks the pups are weaned and by mid summer they begin to hunt.


Coyotes eat whatever is available, from deer to rabbits to mice.  They also eat birds and their eggs. If necessary they will eat insects and even fruit like apples and cherries. Coyotes are very vocal creatures. They are nocturnal and their presence is made known through their eerie cries.