Volunteering and Helping Us!

What any organization usually needs most is donations. Monetary donations, material donations, donations of food, cleaning supplies, etc. That is always our number one most pressing need. We have expenses every month for which we are in great need of assitance. Monthly sponsors are our most coveted asset! Can you become a monthly supporter?


Please visit our DONATE page to see about making a one-time donation, becoming a monthly sponsor, or checking out our wish list for much needed items. We thank you so much for helping us in this way!












It is really critical for us to build our social media following. Please LIKE and SHARE our posts with your friends and encourage them to do the same.  The more people we have following us, then the more we can reach out to in a time of need!





Are you an event planner?  Right now we are just three people trying to manage every aspect of building up our wildlife center.  We are looking for people to host and throw fund-raising events for us in the area.  The purpose of such events should be to get the word out about us, raise much-needed funds and get people more involved!  If you can help in this area, please contact us!




Purchase our logo merchandise. You can do so in our online stores (found on the donate page). By purchasing these items, we get a percentage of each sale, but more importantly we get you advertising for us!  People may ask you about our Orphaned Wildlife Center and you can help us to spread the word and help us to save lives!  The more people that know about us, the more they may be willing to stop and help an animal in need!




The very nature of dealing with wildlife (that we are preparing to go back to the wild) is that we want as little human contact with them as possible. You also must be a licensed wildlife rehabilitator to work with the wildlife.  Occassionally we could use some extra hands putting up fencing, building shelters and clearing out areas of our woods. If you can help us, please make sure you are following us on Facebook, or Instagram where we will post requests for help!  Please also let us know if you have any special talents such as excavation, construction, electrician, vet or vet tech, etc.