Private Tours

This year for the very first time we are offering private one-on-one tours of our sanctuary. We have VERY, VERY limited availability for these private tours and can NOT guarantee we can accomodate your request. A private tour will give you an opportunity to visit the sanctuary, meet the animals, and spend time with Jim and Susan.


Get some great photos, get all your questions answered and see what it is we do here!  We suggest that the best time to come is between May and September, since that is when we have the most animals onsite and before most are released.


In return for this unique and rare experience, we request a donation that can significantly make an impact on our organization's ability to help the animals here. To have a PRIVATE tour, we request a $1000 (tax deductibel) donation for up to six people.


We understand that this request is a large amount and it does not suit everyone’s abilities, but because we can offer so few tours, and because we need these funds to continue the work we are doing here, this is what we can offer in order to allow people to come and see the animals here and to meet Jim and Susan. Contact us if you would like to arrange a tour.