Red Fox

The red fox inhabits almost all of the northern hemisphere.


They are carnivores but adapt to eating whatever is available. Because they are so adaptable, they are abundant and widely distributed.  


Foxes are solitary hunters, they do not hunt in packs.


They live together in pairs or small family groups.  


The older offspring often help care for the young ones. The average litter size is 4-5 kits.  They are born in underground dens that they excavate themselves or commandeer from another animal.


The babies are born in March and April. The mother must remain with them to keep them warm. The father is responsible for bringing food home for the mother. She nurses the kits for3-4 weeks in the den. They are weaned at about 6 weeks. The young foxes reach adult size at about 6-7 months.


Their life expectancy depends on the availability of food. Foxes that live near humans have a better chance of survival.