Eastern Gray Squirrel

The eastern gray squirrel's natural home is in a

woodland or a deciduous forest - however, they are very adaptable and enjoy the benefits of living near humans.  


Squirrels prefer living high up in a tree cavity and are most active in the hours after dawn and before dusk.


Nuts and seeds are the squirrel’s main food.


In the fall they spend much of their time burying acorns as well as Beech, Hickory and Butternuts in the ground. These nuts become the mainstay of their diet in winter and early spring. In summer they eat flowers, buds and fruit - like the black cherry.  Surprisingly, squirrels will even raid bird nests and eat the eggs.



Gray Squirrels can have up to two litters of young per year. The babies are born in April/May and July/August. The average litter size is two or three. They are born hairless and totally dependent on their mother. Their eyes open at around four weeks. Between five and six weeks they have a full coat of fur and begin to leave the nest. During week eight, the mother weans the young and they begin to go their separate ways. The babies that were born in July and August may stay with the mother over winter.


The average life expectancy is six years.