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Each year, we help save orphaned animals from a certain death if they are left without a mother to care for them.  We can't do it alone. We desperately need your help to continue to this work. Please consider a donation of any amount - we mean that - ANY amount will help! We thank you for caring so much and hope to see you at our next Open House!

Want Orphaned Wildlife Merchandise?


We have two online stores.  We make more of a profit on our GearBubble store and you can find that here:


We also have a CafePress shop, you can find that here:


Please contact us if you ever want an image on an item we didn't put it on. We are more than happy to accomodate you!

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Do you have the capacity to make a bigger impact for the animals? Please consider becoming a monthly donor. With monthly sponsors we know that we can rely on certain income every month and it's a great help to be able to count on that! You can stop it at any time and you can arrange with us ANY amount each month if none of these suit you. Please consider this option - it is of the greatest help to us!

Sponsorship Options

Wish list Items:

If you're looking to send/bring something for the bears then their favorite items are marshmallows, watermelon, fruit, peanuts and sunflower seeds (all unsalted)!  

If you want to give them toys, then the only company that makes something strong enough can be found here. Any toy is wonderful but MUST be the HEAVY DUTY version!


Click here to see our full Amazon wishlist where we have a bunch of items we are in need of!  THANK YOU -  THANK YOU!

Our Annual Calendar is being prepared for 2021!


Please consider sponsoring a day of the year with your photo or blurb -just $10!, or a business ad at the bottom for just $75.

Want YOUR photo or blurb on a day of the year as shown in calendar sample to the left?

This year for the first time we are enabling our followers to put anything they like on any day of the year. Post a picture of your pet, loved one, a memorial blurb - as long as it can fit in that spot, you an choose the day of the year where it is placed! These ads are just $10! Help support our calendar and have a special keepsake as well. Buy more than one!


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Need a larger size ad at the bottom of our calendar as in previous years? It's still available! This year the price has gone down. Just $75 to place an ad!


It can be a personal message and photo, a business card, a quote, whatever you want that can fit into that space, it is yours to use as you wish!



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