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Sweet Rescued Bears Have Their Fur Brushed to Make Fuzzy Knitted Christmas Toys

Bear Makes Beeline for Honey Treat at New York Sanctuary

Adopted Pup Gives Nose Boops to New Hooman Owner in Viral Video

Rescue Bear Relaxes on Tire Swing at New York Sanctuary

Orphaned Bear Filmed Rolling Around in Snow at New York Rescue Center

Great Big Bear Takes a Refreshing Dip at New York Wildlife Sanctuary

Rescue Bear Expertly Shells Peanuts at New York Wildlife Sanctuary

It Was a ‘Beary’ Special Birthday for This Otisville, NY Bear



Rescue Bear Not Impressed With Ice Blocking Her From Taking a Dip

Sleepy bear doesn't want to get up from nap

Rescue bear bonds with a worker at a wildlife sanctuary

Curious Bear Makes Sure Wildlife Center Worker Passes Smell Test

Bears Enjoy Marshmallow Treat With Wildlife Center Worker

Do Bears Really Love Honey? NY Sanctuary Puts Sweet Treat to the Test

New York Bears Love Playing With Wildlife Carer

Bear Ignores Ball to Play With Stick at New York Wildlife Center

Splish-Splash: Brown Bear Takes a Bath at New York Sanctuary

Snow Much Fun! Bears Play in Snow at New York Wildlife Center

These little bears are determined to get their snacks, and we don’t blame them

880-Pound Bear Gives Rescue Center Worker Playful Nibbles During Brush Down

Paws for Thought: Rescue Bear Relaxes in Tire Swing at New York Sanctuary

Rescue Bear Enjoys Delicious Honeycomb Treat at New York Sanctuary

Bear Doesn't 'Tire' of Relaxing at New York Wildlife Sanctuary

Hard-Working Bears Paw and Scratch to Get Treats Out of Toy

Bear Enjoys Hearty Roll in Upstate New York Snow

Bears Treated to Birthday Cake at New York State Wildlife Refuge

Jenny the Bear Loves Playing in the Snow! 



- Adorable Rescued Bear Purring Like a Cat [Video]

Caretaker Spoon-Feeds Honeycomb to Bear in Otisville, New York


Man Knows Just What To Do When Orphaned Bear Had A Rough Day


December 2019

- Inside the Orphaned Wildlife Center

- Wildlife center gives a home to hurt bears and other animals


November 2019

- This Is, Objectively Speaking, The Best Bear In New York

- Viral video: Orphaned bear reunites with caretaker who cared for her as a cub

- Watch: Excitement of Bear after Reuniting with Man Who Raised her as Cub

- Orphaned bear reunited with man who raised her as a cub

- Orphaned Bear Reunited With Man Who Raised Her In Adorable Video

- Video: Cute bear enjoys belly scratch after being reunited with caretaker

- Heartwarming moment orphaned bear is reunited with human carer after years apart

- Video: Bear lovingly hugs former caregiver in Upstate NY after years apart


September 2019

-Unflappable Wildlife Carer Lets Bear Lick His Fingers and Face

-A Human Teddy Bear - For a Bear!


September 2018

- Jimbo the 9-foot Kodiak bear passes away after 20 years of family life


August 2018

- Watch How This 510-Pound Bear Reacts To Being Brushed

- Woman Brushes Delighted Bear at Wildlife Center


March 2018:

- Hudson Valley Orphaned Bear Jimbo Passes Away

- Jimbo The Kodiak Bear Dies After 20 Years Living With The Kowalczik Family

- Watch this man play peekaboo with two bears

- A video captured Jim Kowalczik playing a game of 'Hide and Seek' with two Syrian brown bears



Feb 2018:

- Syrian brown bears give owner hugs

- Real life bear hug!

- What Does A Sick Bear Really Need? How About A Big Ole Bear Hug

- He's a big teddy bear!

- Caretaker comforts sick Kodiak bear

- Video Shows Man Hugging Kodiak Bear at New York Wildlife Center


Nov 2017:

- Brave zookeeper play fights with TWO massive grizzly bears


Oct 2017:

- The Orphaned Wildlife Center - American Snippets


Aug 2017:

- Sanctuary owner says he loves his bears like children

- Injured Bear Cub Whose Mother Was Killed When Hit by a Car Needs Your Help


Dec 2016:

- Animal Photos of the Year - Jim and Jimbo


Oct 2016:

- Famous Bipedal Bear Killed In Massive New Jersey Hunt

- Meet the parents of huge brown bear adopted when he was just a tiny cub

- Now that’s a proper bear hug! Tactile animal can’t stop cuddling his human best friend at rescue center

- Jim Kowalczik, Wildlife Rescuer, Says Playing With Bears As Natural As Petting A Dog

- Meet the couple that lives with 11 bears

- Video: Hugging bears - One man and his bond with a 1400lb brown bear

- Bear with him: Man grabs attention for hugging big bears

- Big bear hugs attract social media attention

- Otisville Couple Runs Wildlife Center To Rehabilitate Creatures Big And Small

- Gallery: 'The Bear Nuzzler' hugs bears at New York wildlife center

- Curious Syrian brown bears show off for sanctuary visitors

- Orphaned Wildlife Centre family look after 11 bears including 100lb Kodiak

- This couple loves to snuggle with their 1400-pound brown bear

- Meet Jim, Susan and Their 9-Foot, 1400-Pound Bear, Jimmy

- Our son is a 1400 lb Kodiak bear


Sept 2016:

- Our Big Bear Family

- Photo Gallery: Bears at the Orphaned Wildlife Center

- Couple care for Jimmy the 9 foot orphaned bear


July 2016:

- WATCH: N.J. wildlife expert defends freedom of Pedals the bear


Jan 2016:

- Otisville couple raises 1000-pound 'teddy bears' in backyard sanctuary

- Man Cuddles 1500-Pound Bear (and Lives to Share the Video)

- New York Man Gives 1500-Pound Bear a Hug

- Video of Otisville bears goes viral

- Watch This Brave Animal Lover Hug and Kiss 1500 Pound Kodiak Bear

- WATCH: 1,500-Pound Bear Hugs, Licks His Caretaker

- Big Bear And His Big Rescuer Are Perfect Friends


Nov 2015:

- Supporters of 'Pedals,' the injured walking bear, rally at Statehouse

- N.Y. won't allow relocation of 'Pedals,' the injured walking bear


Oct 2015:

- Injured bear in NJ who walks upright may get new home

- Injured bear who roams NJ Town walking upright like a human may get new home

- $15K Raised for Walking Bear to Have New Home

- 'Time Running Out' For Injured Walking Bear in Morris County

- Over 132k Sign Petition to Save Injured New Jersey Bear Who Walks Upright


Sept 2015:

- Couple Raises Bears Like Children