Because of the nature of what we do here, we regret that we can not allow open visits. Our animals need as little human contact as possible to make a successful and safe transition back to the wild. We also often have potentially dangerous animals on the property which could become an issue for an untrained visitor.

We DO however offer a very small number of tours each year. In return for this unique, one on one, and rare experience, we request a donation that can significantly make an impact on our organization's ability to help animals. To have a PRIVATE tour, we request a $1000 donation (for up to six people). The number of people may be less than six, but the donation request is the same, and there must be at LEAST two adults for every child on a tour. Tours run on Saturday's or Sunday's, and run from May through October. We suggest that early fall is the BEST time to visit as we will have the most animals on the property at that time.

During the tours you may not go in with the bears. ONLY Jim and Susan interact with the bears but you will be able to get up right next to their enclosure, extremely close to them. Depending on what other animals we have on the property during your visit, you might be able to interact with those animals.

We don’t have a set thing we do on the tours. It’s very laid back. Most people spend about 2 hours here. It will just be your group, Susan and Jim (and maybe Kerry). You can talk to them, ask any questions you want, and at least one of them will go in with the bears and other animals and interact with them. We will give you a walking tour of the facility and you may spend as much time as you like in each place.  Most people that have visited have gone on to become very loyal supporters.